Tagaytay Sustainability Policy

Contributing to the local community

We are proud to actively support the local community and strive to create a comfortable environment for our employees like in a family.

  • All of our employees are local residents. We support our employees and create a comfortable work environment and friendly atmosphere.
  • We purchase local products (groceries, mattresses, linens, furniture) and partner with local suppliers, contributing to the local economy. 
  • We cooperate and recommend restaurants, local guides, drivers, and other tour providers, contributing to the development of tourism in the region.

Promoting and protecting culture

We proudly preserve and promote our culture by using elements of traditional Kyrgyz décor in the interior and organizing cultural events for our guests.

  • The interior of the hotel features paintings by local artists and ethnic decor, creating a unique atmosphere.
  • When welcoming guests, we often organize mini-folklore shows with local music and dances, immersing them in Kyrgyz culture.
  • We offer guests to try local dishes such as borsok and participate in culinary master classes on making manti.
  • We place flags of incoming tourists’ countries, showing our openness and respect for different cultures.

Minimizing our environmental impact

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, especially in energy efficiency and keeping clean air in Karakol.

  • Our hotel has installed a heat pump, which allows us to avoid using coal, significantly reducing air pollution.
  • We have a solar collector on the roof to heat water in the summer, which saves energy.
  • To minimize energy consumption, we use motion sensors on each floor, energy-saving light bulbs, class-A washing machines, and a drying cabinet.
  • Our windows are insulated, and our attic uses basalt fiber to improve insulation.
  • We are committed to reducing the use of single-use plastic. We do not provide disposable cosmetics or disposable slippers.
  • Food waste is minimized through accurate portion calculations and the careful work of our cooks.
  • We sort trash by category: plastic, glass, paper, food waste and batteries
  • We utilize water-saving devices and encourage guests to conserve water. Towels and linens are changed every 3 days or as requested by guests.
  • We have contributed to the greening of Karakol by planting trees near our hotel and we annually participate in city clean-up days and eco-activities to green the city.
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